Thermage by Precision Aesthetics

Please share the fact that we can reduce or eliminate stretchmarks cellulite loose skin and fat pockets non surgically and quickly Facebook does not let us advertise. They think that using those words will make someone feel bad. Please comment. Isnt that backwards ? Knowing you can get rid of those things quickly should make people happy, Sad is not knowing there are quick and easy fixes or treatments for these conditions. I had a 1 hour conversation with them today. They said no before and afters, no even using the words cellulite stretchmarks. They literally blocked the ads. PS Facebook live stream decapitation and live stream calls for robberies and other mass criminal events… What do you think ? At least let your friends know we can make them feel better contrary to what facebook thinks. Wish I could boost this post, but i cant because of those hateful words, cellulite, stretchmarks and loose skin and excess fat Like us on FB:http://ift.tt/1WbXYMm


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