Stretch mark Treatment

It seems like no one knows that there has been relief available for over a decade. Originally popularized in Brazil Carboxytherapy for Stretch marks was brought to the United States By Dr Lisa Zdinak. In fact I noticed on Quora no one had an answer for it, and many Doctors were misleading the public with suggestions like surgery or lasers which can not reach the depth of where the stretch mark lies but in addition could cause hyper pigmentation or hypo pigmentation. I took it upon myself to offer some answers on Quora which I will bring over to here for those who like to read a lot about a topic in addition to what Dr Lisa wrote on our page about Stretchmarks
Some times hearing it again in a slightly different way might resonate for a better understanding.

Three of my answers on Quora;

The only effective treatment for stretchmarks is Carboxytherapy. The danger of a laser is that it may hyper pigment or hypopigment your skin (dark or light spots) Carboxytherapy does work on older stretchmarks as well as new ones. It also works better on dark skin, those who need to be concerned about using a laser. Carboxytherapy breaks up the stretch mark with a needle while simultaneously increasing circulation. Dr Lisa did the original United States studies and research pon Carboxytherapy for dark under eye circles and stretch marks. She uses the Brazilian technique. Brazil has hundreds of providers of Carboxytherapy.

Question about creams and oils; Stretch marks rarely respond to any cream or oil. If you have great genetics your body might resolve the stretch mark. If you have given it enough time to resolve on its own you might then try Carboxytherapy.

Carboxytherapy is the only effective treatment for stretch marks. Lasers may cause dark or light spots. Lasers can only reach the most superficial layers of skin. The stretch mark lies much deeper.

Try the natural treatments. Give time to see if it heals on its own. The body can not response to the rapid change in skin size following pregnancy or rapid weigh gain. After all the natural home remedies fail, then try one treatment that is effective, Carboxytherapy. It is actually natural. The infusion of Carbon Dioxide gas is the same as each cell in your body releasing carbon dioxide for oxygen. Your body is fooled into increased circulation which helps to break up the stretch mark. It usually requires at least 6 treatments. You can find it in NY, LA, Paris, London and Brazil where it originated.


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