Exclusive Summer Save Now offers Maximum Slimming results in July

Dr. Zdinak’s Thermage Happy New Years Gift to You! Extending one month thru February and to anyone who reads this

If you want your best body for summer you need to do your Thermage NOW to shrink off that Holiday tummy gain!

You all know that Thermage is the gift that keeps on giving so, if you Thermage today your peak results are five months away which is…June, baby!! (“Honeymoon, in June…”)?!

To sweeten the pot a little, for those of you that book your summer body Thermage during the month of January, I will GIVE you three sessions of Exilis body shaping to a different area free of charge!! That’s a two for one deal! So, Thermage your tummy and Exilis your arms! Or, Thermage your legs and Exilis your tummy!

The possibilities are endless, but the offer is limited so call 212-799-1411 to book your Thermage today to guarantee that your second body part looks as good as the price tag!

See you soon, Slim!!


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